Find Out More About Mistborn in New Excerpt From Brandon Sanderson’s Arcanum Unbounded

Google Play just revealed an exclusive excerpt from Brandon Sanderson’s Arcanum Unbounded, the forthcoming story collection that reveals how a lot of Sanderson’s works are connected.

The excerpt is pulled from the Mistborn section of Arcanum, and features an introduction to the reader, an excerpt from Mistborn story “The Eleventh Metal,” and perhaps most importantly for readers familiar with Sanderson’s all-encompassing Cosmere: a description of the Scadrian solar system that Mistborn is located within.

The remarkable thing about Scadrial is how well humankind has flourished on it, despite these repeated cataclysms. Surely other planets in the cosmere have seen worse disasters, but on none of them will you find a thriving, technologically advanced society as exists on Scadrial.

Check out the full intro over at Google Play. And search through our Arcanum Unbounded tag for more excerpts and revelations from the book, out on shelves on November 22nd.


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