Awesome SFF Panels at Book Riot Live That You Can See This Weekend

“Book Riot Live captures the passion for books and sense of play of, but, you know, in person.”

A reader convention celebrating book lovers, Book Riot Live 2016 will take place on November 12th and 13th, 2016 at The Metropolitan West (635 West 46th Street) in New York City. The organizers have compiled two days’ worth of programming including favorite panels from last year as well as new opportunities for authors and other members of the literary community to talk all things books; plus signings, games, how-tos, and meet-and-greets. You can find Macmillan at Table 10, on the first floor; Publishing will be headlining the booth on Sunday.

What especially caught our attention was the panels with a sci-fi and fantasy bent: Ken Liu talks translation; Charlie Jane Anders answers the question of “where’s my jetpack?” with the help of another speculative fiction author and a scientist; Nisi Shawl finds the truth in rewriting history; and authors pair up their favorite fanfic romances in a live rendition of the game Slash! Here are the SFF panels to look out for at Book Riot Live this weekend.


Saturday, November 13th

Hello From Another Side
9:30am-10:20am, MetWest Stage 2
They say art imitates life—but what about when you’re writing a character that’s nothing like you? These writers have been there, done that, and lived to tell the tale. Moderated by Rachel Fershleiser; featuring Alyssa Cole, Charlie Jane Anders, Rumaan Alam. (Sponsored by Andrews McMeel.)

Tell It Slant
10:45am-11:35am, MetWest Stage 1
From early influences to false starts to “Eureka!” moments and beyond, our panelists discuss how they found their voices as writers. Moderated by Rincey Abraham; featuring Diane McMartin, Ken Liu, Patrick Phillips, Zoraida Córdova.

Truth and Lies and Adaptation
1:15pm-2:05pm, MetWest Stage 1
We’ve all read a translation, or listened to an audiobook, or picked up an illustrated edition of a favorite work. How does a story go from point A to point B, and what gets added—and lost—in the process? Find out from the people who adapt stories for a living! Moderated by Andrew Lam; featuring Joni Rodgers, Ken Liu, Tara Clancy. (Sponsored by Blinkist.)

Rewriting History
2:30pm-3:20pm, MetWest Stage 1
How do you find a previously unknown story and bring it to light? How do you tell a known story in a new way? What can you make up and what has to be “true”? Our panelists will discuss these questions and more. Moderated by Amanda Nelson; featuring Meg Medina, Nisi Shawl, Patrick Phillips. (Sponsored by Candlewick Press.)

The Naughty Droid Returns: Shakespeare’s Star Wars
3:45pm-4:35pm, MetWest Stage 1
Join us for a live, interactive performance of scenes from Ian Doescher’s Shakespeare’s Star Wars series! MC’d by Rioter Becky Stone.


Sunday, November 14th

The What, Why, and How of Cosplay
9:30am-10:20am, MetWest Stage 1
Come one, come all, because cosplay is for everyone! Get an overview on closet cosplay and Disneybounding, making your own props and armor, and everything in between. With cosplay, you can be anyone, and anything is possible. Jump in and have a ball. Featuring Jessica Plummer and Kristina Pino.

Slash, Live
1:15pm-2:05pm, MetWest Stage 1
Slash returns! Love fanfiction, pop culture, and shipping? Join us for a live, no-holds barred game in which players compete to create the best romantic fan fiction pairing. Featuring Alyssa Cole, Jessica Plummer, Michael Strother, Zoraida Córdova. (Sponsored by Swoon Reads.)

Brains Are Weird
2:30pm-3:20pm, MetWest Stage 2
Brains can produce amazing feats of creativity—and they can also produce anxiety, depression, and other roadblocks. Join our speakers for a discussion of how they cope with the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of writer-brain. Featuring Alyssa Cole, Jeph Jacques, Maria Dahvana Headley.

Future What Now
2:30pm-3:20pm, MetWest Stage 1
Will we ever get our jetpacks, and where is my flying car? What about that Mars colony? Join two speculative fiction writers and a scientist for a discussion of what the future could look like both on and off the page. Moderated by María Cristina García Lynch; featuring Charlie Jane Anders, Janna Levin, Valentine De Landro.


And that’s only about half of the programming—you can also catch Pictionary, a Broadway bookish singalong, and Nerd Jeopardy: Check out the full schedule here. Or you can unwind (and maybe crack open one of your new books) in the Reading Lounge between panels. If you haven’t already, you can purchase your tickets (one-day or weekend pass) at Book Riot Live’s website.


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