Find Out What’s Inside Brandon Sanderson’s New Cosmere Book Arcanum Unbounded

On November 22nd, fans of Brandon Sanderson’s books get to find out how they’re all connected.

Arcanum Unbounded is a collection of stories that take place within the “Cosmere,” the overarching universe that houses the author’s many epics. In Arcanum, readers will find stories from the expansive Mistborn series and the vast Stormlight Archive, as well as smaller tales from distant planets, forests of hell, and white sands. New readers will find a wealth of exciting introductory stories into Sanderson’s myriad worlds, and established fans will get to enjoy a new multi-chapter Stormlight Archive story before the next book, Oathbringer, arrives.

But…what else may be awaiting readers in Arcanum Unbounded? Check out the Table of Contents:

Arcanum Unbounded Table of Contents

As we can see, each collection of stories appears to be sectioned out based on the planetary system that those stories take place within. (Each story also features new original art!) Further, each of those sections is prefaced with a report, of sorts, on that system. Some of these planetary systems are familiar to the reader, some are almost entirely new, and some have apparently been hiding a great deal from their observers… will be digging further into the Arcanum in the days leading up to the collection’s November 22nd release. Keep an eye on our Arcanum Unbounded tag for the latest news and excerpts. We’re just getting started!


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