Wouldst Thou Like to Play Deliciously?

Photographer Andy Jones loved last year’s breakout horror film The VVitch so much, he chose to interpret the film through the medium of Playmobile! Here you see William, Katherine, and their whole loving Puritan family, complete with their fun-loving pet goat Phil, just hanging out and not being even a little bit possessed by the forces of evil.

Here’s the whole family, all ready to make a new life in the wilderness:

The Witch Family


Here’s Black Philip, a completely normal goat who would never dream of talking or asking you unsettling questions:

Black Philip


And here are those lovable scamps at play, having thought upon their sins and decided to…let off some steam with a rousing game of Abraham and Isaac?

The Witch Sacrifice


You can see more of Jones’ playset over at Flickr! We can only hope he’ll do It Follows next. Oooh, or The Babadook! Do The Babadook.

[via Laughing Squid!]


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