Villains Need Love, Too–So This Artist Has Their Hero Pals Give Them Hugs

Artist Nacho Diaz believes that many villains would be different people if they got some love. And… that’s a pretty fair assessment for most of them. So he decided to have the heroes in their stories give them great big hugs! And the result is adorable.

For real, it’s unbearably cute.

Pretty sure that Ursula would have let Ariel keep her voice if this had happened. (Note: That is 100% incorrect, I do not assume that at all.):

Villains Need Love, Nacho Diaz

by Nacho Diaz

Kylo doesn’t really deserve hugs at the moment, but Rey is pretty great at taking the high ground either way:

Villains Need Love, Nacho Diaz

by Nacho Diaz

Dozens of these illustrations are going to be assembled into an art book titled Villains Need Love! Diaz has already backed the project on Kickstarter, and you can take a look at more of the sketches on Bored Panda.


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