Wolverine Channels Johnny Cash in the First Trailer for Logan

How has it taken this long for someone to use Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” to describe beleaguered mutant Logan? Even after the mutants are gone—as seems to be the case in the first trailer for Logan, Hugh Jackman’s purportedly final Wolverine film—old man Logan staggers on. Speaking of old men, however, he and Professor X are on a road trip! To find a young girl who’s “like you, very much like you.”

To be honest, I hope a lot of this movie is Logan and Charles Xavier on the road. The rest of it—a villain with a cybernetic hand, various fistfights with whatever government rules in a post-mutant age—is all icing. No official synopsis from Marvel yet, though one site uncovered a potential synopsis that’s very spoilery.

Logan comes to theaters March 3, 2017.

via The A.V. Club


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