Leonardo DiCaprio’s Film Company Wants to Make a Captain Planet Movie

All right, Planeteers! Ready to save the world from the evils of pollution? Good thing because Captain Planet is back! Maybe.

Sing the song with us:

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that DiCaprio’s film company, Appain Way Productions is in talks for the rights to the Captain Planet cartoon, with the intent of making a movie. They are looking to Jono Matt and Glen Powell (Scream Queens) to write the script.

Apparently the project was already in the works at Sony, but the rights lapsed. DiCaprio was understandably keen to get his company the rights, given his support of environmentalism. No word on what the tone of a Captain Planet movie would be, but it’s an interesting idea regardless.

Of course, this is the only version of Captain Planet that we’ll ever really need (NSFW!):


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