This Fan-Made Harry Potter-Inspired Pensieve Makes for a Magical Wedding Gift

Sometimes memories are the perfect gift! Matt Bocone came up with a heartwarming wedding gift for his wife – a homemade pensieve filled with memories the couple have shared, delivered by a charming plush owl.

Here’s a whole box of happy memories:


And here’s one in particular:

Sample Memory

…being attacked at Stingray City doesn’t sound too magical, but there’s an explanation! As Matt Brocone says, “This memory may sound callous, but getting attacked at Stingray City is kind of the point. They give you squid to hold onto to attract the rays so they swarm you. It’s in Grand Cayman and super fun.”

And best of all? Bocone also provided some empty bottle waiting to be filled with brand new memories!

New Memories

Head over to Bored Panda to see more of this wonderful gift!


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