Best F(r)iends Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero Reunite for the First Time Since The Room in New Movie

Thirteen years after starring together in the cult classic The Room, Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero are teaming up for a new movie: Best F(r)iends, in which Wiseau yet again plays the bizarre, misunderstood, vaguely creepy man with big dreams and Sestero his naïve partner in crime. Except this time it seems like actual crime, as a mortician (Wiseau) takes a hitchhiker (Sestero) under his wing and into his shady business. And of course, there’s a woman who threatens to come between these best f(r)iends. Also, at one point Tommy Wiseau wears a mask of Greg Sestero’s face. Yes, I am here for this.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie was inspired by a short story Sestero wrote back in 2003, while on a road trip with Wiseau. (It only took thirteen years, but they are putting his ideas into practice!) “I think it’s a role that will really spotlight Tommy’s unique talent and charisma, while also setting up an unexpected and exciting reunion,” Sestero said. His collaborator’s statement was a classic bit of Wiseau whimsy: “After watching Best F(r)iends, your mind will find paradise.”

Best F(r)iends trailer Tommy Wiseau Greg Sestero The Room

Best F(r)iends trailer Tommy Wiseau Greg Sestero The Room

Best F(r)iends trailer Tommy Wiseau Greg Sestero The Room

Well, that’s a tall order. See if you find paradise when you watch the trailer on THR.

To be fair, this is not their only new collaboration: Both will appear in The Masterpiece, James Franco’s adaptation of Sestero’s memoir The Disaster Artist. Wiseau is reportedly playing a character named Henry, while Sestero has a smaller role as simply Casting Agent.


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