Announcing The Warrior Within by Angus McIntyre

We’re proud to announce that Publishing has acquired The Warrior Within, a science fiction adventure novella from debut author Angus McIntyre.

The Warrior Within stars Karsman, a man who struggles to restrain the artificial personae that inhabit and empower him. Whether the cautious Diplomat, the devious Strategist, or the berserker Warrior, any one of Karsman’s personae could overcome his inhibitions and destroy the peaceful life he’s worked hard to carve out in his small town along the Road. But when three strangers appear from another planet seeking to find and kill a woman, Karsman may have to give in to his other selves to protect his home. The Warrior Within was acquired through’s open novella submissions by consulting editor Justin Landon.

Angus McIntyre was born in London and has lived in Edinburgh, Milan, Brussels and Paris before eventually finding his way to New York, where he now lives and works. His background in computational and evolutionary linguistics and in artificial intelligence has given him a healthy respect for positive feedback loops and a certain curiosity about what it might be like to live in a universe filled with intelligent machines. A graduate of the 2013 Clarion Writer’s Workshop, his short fiction has been published in the anthologies Mission: Tomorrow, Swords & Steam, and Black Candies: Surveillance, and on BoingBoing. More stories will appear soon in the anthology Humanity 2.0 and in Abyss & Apex magazine. News and links to his writing and other projects appear on his website. You can also follow him on Twitter at @angusm. He had this to say about the sale:

The Warrior Within quite literally owes its existence to’s novella program. It was hearing about their plans to publish a line of novellas that inspired me to try writing a novella-length space-opera story, and was always my first choice as a potential home for the finished work. I’m really delighted that the team at liked it, and I’m tremendously excited to be working with them to get the story ready for you to read.

Justin Landon had this to say:

I knew from first line that The Warrior Within was something special, matching the desolation of Fallout with the small-town tension of High Noon. It’s the kind of science fiction that reminds us how small we are and, at the same time, helps us imagine how big we can become. In other words, Angus McIntyre has written a bad ass piece of fiction.

The Warrior Within will come out in ebook and trade paperback in late 2017.


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