I Am Not a Serial Killer Movie Adaptation Wins the Prestigious Silver Méliès Award

Author Dan Wells shared some exciting news earlier this week: The feature film adaptation of his novel I Am Not a Serial Killer received the Méliès d’Argent prize, or the Silver Méliès Award, at the Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival. Not only is that an honor in and of itself, but all films that receive the Méliès d’Argent are eligible to win the Méliès d’Or, the most renowned prize for the best European fantastic film.

I Am Not a Serial KillerWells explained on his website:

So over the weekend I announced that I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER had one the Silver Melies award at the Strasbourg film festival, which I and many of you thought was awesome, but it turns out that I was grossly underestimating it’s actual awesomeness. The Olympics have trained me to think of Silver as second place, but looking into the award I have learned the truth: the Silver Melies is Strasbourg’s top prize for international films. The top prize. First place. That’s a big honkin’ deal.

But there’s more: there are a whole bunch of European film festivals that have a Silver Melies, and throughout the season they give them to their favorite films, and winning one means that you are eligible for the Golden Melies: the straight-up Best Film in Europe prize, awarded by the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation. This year that prize will be awarded at the Lund International Fantastic Film Festival in Sweden, coming up in just a few weeks. So basically, I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER is now on the short list for one of the biggest honors European film has to offer.

Created in 1995, the Méliès awards are named after George Méliès, the French filmmaker who pioneered fantastic films and special effects. You might know him for one of his most famous pieces of work, the 1902 silent film A Trip to the Moon, which features the iconic image of the Man in the Moon:

George Melies A Trip to the Moon

Wells has written about the terror and wonder of watching your book become a movie; he talks more about the project in his Reddit AMAI Am Not a Serial Killer is now available on Video OnDemand; read our review.


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