Do Stranger Things and Parks & Recreation Share A Universe?

Stranger Things takes place in a fictional town in Indiana.

And Parks and Recreation takes place in a fictional town in Indiana.

Town rich kid (turned mostly nice guy) Steve Harrington sports towering, Everest-like hair.

Spoiled man-child Jean-Ralphio Saperstein also rocks high hair.

When the internet turned its flaming eye on surprise Netflix hit Stranger Things, it was quick to notice these connections, and soon a rumor sprang forth that Steve Harrington was Jean-Ralphio’s dad. And now, thanks to time travel (possibly via a Delorean, since that will continue Stranger Things’ ‘80s fetish) the two have met! And if you click through you can see Steve Harrington teaching Jean-Ralphio how to shave.

See? The resemblance here lies not just in their appearance, but that Steve Harrington, having just traveled through time to meet his adult son, would try to angle a perfect mirror-selfie to document this moment.

Steve HArrington teaches his son, Jean-Ralphio, how to shave

I can only assume that this was preparation for a stellar night out with Tom Haverford at Snakehole Lounge.

I’m going to go further: Looking at Jean-Ralphio, I also detect a resemblance to Nancy, Steve’s high school sweetheart. I’m going to work under the assumption that Jean-Ralphio is Steve  and Nancy’s kid, and that Steve and Nancy’s relationship went south sometime in the early ’90s. (Their divorce can be another classic Duffer Brothers Spielberg homage, after all.) Nancy moves to Pawnee for a fresh start, remarries, step-dad Saperstein legally adopts Jean-Ralphio, and now poor Steve, his guts churning with Glenfiddich and remorse, resorts to time travel to share a bonding moment with his estranged son.

It all connects, and I’m going to hope that it leads to a young Ron Swanson battling the Demogorgon in the next season of Stranger Things.

(Actually Ben Schwartz and Joe Keery just met up to do this fantastic photo shoot, and Schwartz posted said photos to Twitter, but I think the time travel version is more fun.)

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