What If We Let Tim Burton Loose On All of Our Heroes?

We already know what it looks like when Tim Burton tackles Batman, but what if he wrapped his Cure-addled mind* around all the other superheroes? Artist Andrew Tarusov, who previously gave us Burton-fied Disney characters, has now unleashed an army of pensive, spindly heroes.

This God of Thunder seems a little unsure of his mightiness:

Tim Burton-style Thor


Naturally Burton would explore the conflict between nerdy Bruce Banner and The Other Guy:

Tim-Burton-style Hulk


Edward Wolverine-Hands!

Tim Burton-style Wolverine


And finally, I know Burton already did Batman, but for some reason the image of sad Batman, utterly dwarfed by that family portrait, make me laugh.

Tim Burton-style Batman


You can check out the rest over at Nerd Approved!

*Just to be clear, I love The Cure. I consider “Cure-addled” a feature, not a bug.


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