Read As Thou Wilt With This Gorgeous Limited Edition of Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel’s Dart

Subterranean Press has a surprise that will bring you joie: They’re putting out fewer than 300 copies of a limited edition of Jacqueline Carey’s lush epic fantasy Kushiel’s Dart—what Subterranean calls “one of the best and most influential epic fantasies of recent decades”—for super fans and collectors. With full-color wraparound dust jacket and interior illustrations by artist Tran Nguyen (who illustrated the Original “The Insects of Love“), it’s about as sumptuous as you would expect a tome from Terre d’Ange to be.

Whereas previous covers of Kushiel’s Dart have focused on Phèdre nó Delaunay’s iconic marque back tattoo, Subterranean Press’ version depicts the anguissette from the front, in a much more religious context than we’ve ever seen her. On the wraparound cover above, she looks to be in a near-ecstatic state of bliss, no doubt after one of her assignations. (It’s unclear if that’s Kushiel cradling her, as the figure lacks the bronze mask that belongs to the god’s devotees, as well as his signature rod and flail.) But the image I really can’t get enough of is Phèdre and Melisande Shahrizai at the Longest Night.

I mean, LOOK AT IT.

Subterranean Press Kushiel's Dart limited edition illustrations Jacqueline Carey

Art by Tran Nguyen

Though it’s not entirely how I envisioned Melisande’s costume, everything about Phèdre’s is spot-on: the dangerously sheer dress, the leather collar with a diamond, the look of total surrender on Phèdre’s face…


Head to Subterranean Press’ site to see the other illustration, of Phèdre and Joscelin Verreuil fighting their way through the brutal winter of Skaldia. The leatherbound lettered edition (26 copies) has already sold out, but there are 250 copies of the limited edition for the taking, all signed by Carey.


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