This Deleted Scene From X-Men: Apocalypse Should Be Expanded Into Its Own Movie

While X-Men: Apocalypse was filming, leaked set photos featured a few of Xavier’s finest getting into trouble at the local mall. Unfortunately, the final cut excluded this particular gem (aside from sequence’s end, where the teens emerge from a showing of Return of the Jedi). But xmenladies on Tumblr have now shared the scene in all its glory.

It’s really too bad that more of the movie hadn’t been just like this. Aside from the enjoyment of simply watching Scott, Jean, Jubilee, and Kurt all act like normal teenagers–with superpowers–there’s the added bonus of the song selection. And Kurt trying to give a thumbs up. And Jean telling Scott not to be a jerk. And arcade games. And Jubilee dragging Kurt along by his tail. And…

…you should probably just watch it.

If the movie had been 80% this, I would have zero complaints. Where are our superhero John Hughes movies? Superhero Bill and Ted?

Wait. Maybe Bill and Ted are already superheroes….


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