Check Out This Fan-Made Name of the Wind Monopoly Game!

Reddit user AnUnbiasedSandwich has given fans of Patrick Rothfuss’ fantasy series a wonderful present: A Kingkiller Chronicles version of the board game Monopoly!

AUS posted their original design materials on Reddit over the weekend, allowing anyone to take and assemble them into their own home version. All of the board squares are present, with taverns standing in for railroads and, well, utilities standing in for utilities! The locations AUS subs in from Rothfuss’ series are¬†genius, flowing¬†well in regards to their increasing importance.

We’ve assembled our own version of the board, with some tiny flourishes, here:


Patrick Rothfuss Kingkiller Chronicles Monopoly board

The game could still use 32 thematically appropriate Community Chest and Chance cards! And a tussle or three over who gets to use the Pipes token.


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