Hamlet Makes Way More Sense as an Out-of-Control D&D Campaign

Hamlet can be frustrating to even the most discerning of theatre aficionados. Sure, it contains some of Shakespeare’s greatest soliloquies, but the plot is an awkward thing that seems to meander and fizzle and jump around oddly. And no one can seem to make up their minds about whether or not Hamlet is into his mom? The prince leaves for a long while and comes back later on? It’s all a bit much.

Until you realize that it was merely the result of an overzealous tabletop RPG.

Tumblr user spacecaptainoftheforest came up with the idea and invited other to elaborate on the concept like so:

concept: a retelling of hamlet with the frame story that it’s a tabletop rpg being played by a bunch of overzealous college kids and an increasingly frazzled dm trying to keep them all from rushing headlong into situations and dying immediately. horatio is the dm’s vaguely self-insert npc character. thanks

From there on, other users chimed in with the specifics from such a game; Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are being played by one person who keeps forgetting that they’re playing two characters; the person playing the Prince of Finland shows up way late; everyone groaning when they have to roll for fortitude after drinking to Hamlet’s victory.

To check out the full exchange, head over here! And obviously, your next tabletop RPG night should be Shakespeare-themed. Come to think of it, there have to be other stories that make more sense this way….


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