You Can Finally See What Thor Was Up to During Captain America: Civil War

What’s an Asgardian to do when he’s not invited to take a side in Tony Stark and Steve Rogers’ little pissing match? Drop in on his average roommate’s office job, make Homeland-esque conspiracy theory boards about Thanos, and tuck Mjolnir in at night, apparently.

Team Thor Captain America Civil War mockumentary Chris Hemsworth Mjolnir baby blanket

Marvel Studios has finally gifted us with Civil War: Team Thor, the amazing mockumentary tracking Thor’s whereabouts during that other Civil War movie. All of the San Diego Comic-Con writeups didn’t do justice to how absolutely adorable this little gem is. After watching three and a half minutes, all we can say is that Taika Waititi’s Thor: Ragnarok needs to get here as soon as possible.

And even though it’s the apocalypse, Ragnarok should hew closer to Team Thor than Thor: The Dark World. Chris Hemsworth is positively delightful with his theories about Thanos (“doesn’t like standing up”) and sketches of giant Mjolnir wielding a tiny Thor (definitely breaking the fourth wall there). But he’s also bummed that he got left out while Bruce “why am I always wearing cutoffs?” Banner had Tony Stark blowing up his phone.

Team Thor Mjolnir sketch

Thor: Ragnarok comes to theaters November 3, 2017—plenty of time for Mjolnir to rest up.


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