Enter the Dream of HBO’s Latest Westworld Trailer

HBO has released the latest trailer for Westworld, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy’s adaptation of the 1973 Michael Crichton movie. Set in a retro futuristic theme park that’s like Jurassic Park but for the Wild West, populated by robots who are as much prisoners as Ava from Ex Machina, the series looks to tackle the crossovers between consumerism and artificial intelligence—with a stellar cast, to boot.

While past trailers showed us the (West)world, we now get someone whose eyes we can look through. Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood) doesn’t seem to understand that she’s not real, or at least believes that she lives in some sort of dream. But when other robots begin going off-book and misbehaving in exceedingly violent ways, Dr. Robert Ford’s (Anthony Hopkins) dream slides into nightmare territory.

Enter the Man in Black (Ed Harris), who might offer a way out, or be part of the larger conspiracy. Check out the trailer for itself—it’s NSFW, but mostly just for scantily-clad saloon girls:

Westworld also stars Thandie Newton, James Marsden, Tessa Thompson, Rodrigo Santoro, and others. It will premiere on HBO in October 2016.

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