Get Schwifty with the Greatest Pizza Puns We’ve Ever Seen

Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn has been lauded across the internet for their delightfully geeky pizza combinations. Like a real-life Bob’s Burgers, the fine folks of Vinnie’s aren’t afraid to commit the most egregious acts of punnery to give you a unique pizza experience. We’ve gathered a few of our favorites new and old.

Vinnie’s didn’t just stop at a single Rick & Morty reference, oh no: not only did they honor the show’s episode titles by shoving Rick’s name into their own business’ moniker, they also went for a slightly more deep-cut reference with the “Show Me What You Tot!” pizza, which is of course playing off the Zardoz-meets-Eurovision episode “Get Schwifty,” wherein a giant floating head commands the Earth’s citizen to “SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!” Vinnie’s also, and this is important, created a pizza with tater tots on it.

Vinnie's Pizza Get Schwifty


You may have heard that Pokémon Go is a thing? Vinnie’s didn’t let that trend go un-pizza’d. Here’s the “BulbaSour”:

Vinnie's Pizza Bulbasaur


And here are “ParmAnder” and the coveted “FlareOnion”:

Vinnie's Pizza Charmander


Netflix’s Stranger Things has turned out to be the surprise hit of the summer, and clearly inspired Vinnie’s pun creators to hit new heights in their art. I mean, “DemoGorgonzola”?

Vinnie's Pizza Dustin



Vinnie's Pizza Eleven


And they clearly stand with #JusticeForBarb, because they’ve dedicated an entire day of specials to her:

Vinnie's Pizza Barb


But Vinnie’s is not just a net for current pop cultural ephemera! Here is their classic take on the (brilliant? frustrating? both?) mid-’00s show Lost, which also features what sounds like the best pizza on this whole list, “The Smoke Muenster”:

Vinnie's Pizza Lost


And here is an ode to Katsuhiro Otomo’s classic, Akira! Check out Tetsuo’s rad pizza arm:

Vinnie's Pizza Akira


And finally, I realize that Dirty Dancing doesn’t really fit under the mission statement of, but look how happy Patrick Swayze is! He’s dancing with pizza, and he’s having the time of his life!

Vinnie's Pizza Dirty Dancing


You can see more of Vinnie’s amazing pizza creations on Instagram! But don’t look unless you’re willing to crave pizza for the rest of the day.


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