“MEESA BACK!” Rogue Binks is Even More Disturbing Than The Binks Awakens

Almost a year ago, we let the Jar-Jar in with the utterly WTF mashup trailer The Binks Awakens from the brilliant and twisted mind of YouTuber Michael Murdock. But Jar-Jar Binks isn’t the Force; he’s more like Samara from The Ring, as he’s no longer content with taking over just one Star Wars trailer. No—he had to return in Rogue Binks, in which he plays every role in the forthcoming Rogue One. And he’s not alone.

Just like in The Binks Awakens, Jar-Jar is joined by cameos from Boss Nass and George Lucas (“Jar-Jar is the key to all of this” has never sounded so chilling)… plus a viral Star Wars star and some unsettling memories of the Star Wars Holiday Special.

via io9/Gizmodo


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