From Carrie to Annie Wilkes, Everything is Connected in This Flowchart of The Stephen King Universe!

Flowchart designer and Stephen King fan Gillian James of Tessiegirl Design has created the ultimate Stephen King Universe Flowchart! She first fell in love with Mr. King’s words in 5th grade, when a classmate brought her mother’s copy of Carrie to school. The kids all took turns reading aloud, and naturally, when James’ mom absolutely forbade her to keep reading it, she devoured the rest! Now she’s expressing her love of the man’s work through an intricate, possibly-migraine-inducing chart. It maps connections between King’s two favorite towns, Derry and Castle Rock, and even tracks books where the towns are only referenced. After some feedback from other King fans, James threaded All World of The Dark Tower series into the chart as well. The resulting work provides what I assume is a nigh-perfect map of Stephen King’s teeming brain.

Click through to explore the full, embiggenable image, but keep in mind that much like King’s oeuvre, this sucker is huge.

Click the image to explore the chart in all it’s horrifying glory:

Stephen King Universe Flowchart

You can read more about the project, and buy a copy of the chart, over at James’ site!

[via Laughing Squid!]




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