Japan Has a Dozen Geeky Reasons Why You Should Look Forward to the Tokyo Olympics

At last night’s closing ceremonies for the Rio Olympics, Tokyo presented a trailer for the 2020 Olympic Games—yes, a trailer—starring a bevy of geeky characters. We don’t know anything about which athletes will qualify for the Olympics four years from now, but we already know that they’ll be competing against greats like Mario (watch out for him in the Kart races), Pac-Man (who interestingly seems to be competing alongside the ghosts, though he’ll probably cross over into their lanes once the starting gun goes off), Hello Kitty, futuristic robot cat Doraemon, and Captain Tsubasa, a.k.a. Flash Kicker. Hoo boy, it’s anyone’s game.

The cutest part is when Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe cosplayed as Mario. Watch the trailer:

We’ve got our fingers crossed for future cameos from Sonic, the Sailor Scouts, and (maybe, horrifyingly) Akira. In the meantime, CNN lists every way that the Tokyo Olympics could be straight-up sci-fi, with robot villages, meteorite showers, and a multilingual app to tie it all together.

via Kotaku


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