Do Worldcon the Radchaai Way, With Plenty of Tea Breaks

All devoted congoers know that after hours of pushing through throngs, standing in line for signings, and rushing from panel to panel, you need somewhere to put your feet up and take a breather. According to Ancillary Justice author Ann Leckie, Worldcon is catering to that need by turning all of the open space in Exhibit Hall H into a mix of fake “parks,” “rivers,” and benches: “This is meant to be a place where folks can sit and chat, or gather, or whatever, kind of like the awesome Fan Village at LonCon,” she wrote on her blog the other day. In fact, Leckie couldn’t resist sponsoring a little park—and once she touched down at Worldcon, she tweeted some photos of this little corner of the universe, right out of the Imperial Radch trilogy. (Spoilers if you haven’t read Ancillary Justice!)

Ancillary Justice Lieutenant Awn Memorial Park Worldcon Ann Leckie tea breaks

At the Lieutenant Awn Elming Memorial Park, you can sit on a bench (generously donated by Mercy of Kalr and crew), drink as much tea as your heart desires, and even snack on a fish.

Ancillary Justice Lieutenant Awn Memorial Park Worldcon Ann Leckie tea breaks

Just be sure to take the fish offered in the dish and not the ones in the river. (Translator Zeiat, we see you lurking at the water’s edge…)

Photos via Ann Leckie’s Twitter


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