I Never Thought this Joke Could Ever Be… This Close to Me

Artist Butcher Billy has created a fantastic series called the Post-Punk Supervillain Squad, and it is every bit as wonderful as it sounds. Billy has collected a true Rogue’s Gallery of Punk ad New Wave stars, and, with slight change in make-up, transformed them into formidable foes! Crank up Unknown Pleasures and bask in this art.

Morrissey kind of already is Bizarro Superman?

Morrissey as Bizarro Superman


You know, mistletoe may be deadly if you eat it, but a kiss can be even deadlier if you mean it.

Siouxie Sioux as Catwoman


The cool thing about Gary Numan is, he’s not just a pop star. He’s also a jet pilot. Oh, and Brainiac.

Gary Numan as Brainiac


And this entire exhibition would be an atrocity if anyone other than Ian Curtis was Darkseid.

Ian Curtis as Darkseid



There are enough icons in this Squad to fill an entire night at CBGB’s. Go check out the rest at Butcher Billy’s Béhance and Instagram accounts!

[via Laughing Squid!]


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