Check out the Trailer for The Iron Giant Documentary, The Giant’s Dream!

A long time ago, in a world much like our own, a young animator named Brad Bird attempted to make the Greatest Animated Film of All Time. Some say he succeeded, but alas, his film, The Iron Giant, flopped at the box office, and was widely regarded as a failure until it began attracting a sizable cult on DVD. A new Signature Edition of The Iron Giant is coming to DVD and Blu-ray this fall, which is great, but we at wouldn’t ordinarily report on it. However…this Signature Edition will also include a brand-new documentary on the making of the film!

The doc, The Giant’s Dream, covers the early career of Brad Bird, goes behind-the-scenes of the making of the film, and explores the fandom that grew up over the last twenty years. Now, while we’ve been assured that the documentary itself has a happy ending, this trailer holds to true Iron Giant tradition of making you want to weep forever. Enjoy!

The Iron Giant Signature Edition will crash to earth September 9th!

[via Geek Tyrant!]


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