The Animated Adventures of Firefly Teaser Gives Us All the Gorram Feels

For years, artist Stephen Byrne has teased us with little glimpses of an animated Firefly series that might have been: character sketches, a heartbreaking GIF of Zoe and hologram!Wash, you name it. In the intervening time, he’s also put out videos including animated Buffy the Vampire Slayer opening credits and a truly thrilling (and horrifying) comic sequel to The Force Awakens. And now, Byrne has released a fan-made teaser for The Animated Adventures of Firefly, with an interesting message: “SOON.”

In only 39 seconds, Byrne captures a lot of the atmosphere of Joss Whedon’s series—the mournful violin music, Reavers leaping out of the shadows—while incorporating some new elements: the aforementioned Wash hologram and little bots that River of course beats up one by one. There’s even a glimpse of the Alliance, though no allusions to the Hands of Blue (from the TV series) or Miranda (from Serenity). Give it a watch:

Alas, The Animated Adventures of Firefly isn’t an actual series… but perhaps the “soon” message is pointing to a longer video in our future, or a fan comic a la his Star Wars one? Because Mal said it himself: You can’t stop the signal.


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