Andy Muschietti’s adaptation of Stephen King’s It has released the first full shot of Pennywise! Entertainment Weekly shared the photo, which reveals actor Bill Skarsgård in a creepy new take on the eldritch clown-spider.

Click through if you never want to sleep again.

You’re sure now?

There’s no going back from this.

Pennywise Full


They’ve run with the idea that Pennywise is essentially immortal, and given us a terrifying Elizabethan harlequin rather than Tim Curry’s grim take on Ronald McDonald. Plus, as costume designer Janie Bryant says:

“If you look at the sleeves, there are the two puffs off the shoulder and biceps and again on the bloomers, I wanted it to have an organic, gourd or pumpkin kind of effect… It helps exaggerate certain parts of the body. The costume is very nipped in the waist and with the peplum and bloomers it has an expansive silhouette.”

Why is this important, you might ask? Well, as EW suggests:

It’s all aimed at creating a subliminal suggestion of a creature with long, lanky limbs, a head and neck like a cephalothorax, and a bulbous, arachnoid abdomen. But this creature is walking upright, and calling to you with a fistful of balloons.

It’s a bold move, and I have to say I’m excited to see where they take this. You can read Entertainment Weekly‘s full article about the adaptation here, and Andy Muschietti’s adaptation will float in on a cloud of balloons on September 8, 2017.


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