We Want to Get Lost in this Amazing Dungeons & Dragons Map!

While some aspects of the aging process are unreservedly terrible, one clear benefit is that sometimes adult nerds can get away with the kind of stuff that child nerds only dream of. Case in point one Ryan Devoto, a Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast who decided that graph paper just wasn’t cutting it, and hired a team of craftspeople to build an amazing, immersive, mind-blowing diorama that just aches to welcome little mini adventurers. What you see above is an aerial shot of most of the terrain, complete with farmland, a labyrinthine dungeon, and a harbor bustling with ships. Check out details of the map below!

These ships are ready to go on a seafaring campaign!



This appears to be the back of the structure, but notice how it’s just as detailed as the front, and it even has a waterfall!



Check out this bucolic farmland, complete with bucolic farmers:






We want to explore this map every Saturday! And maybe like a few weeknights too if our mom lets us.

[via Nerdist!]


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