Revealing the Print Edition of Bookburners from SAGA Press

We’re excited to share the cover of Bookburners, a collaborative novel featuring the talents of Max Gladstone, Margaret Dunlap, Mur Lafferty, and Brian Francis Slattery. It’s Supernatural meets The Da Vinci Code in this critically acclaimed urban fantasy about a secret team of agents that hunts down dangerous books containing deadly magic—previously released in 16 online installments by Serial Box, and available in print on January 10, 2017 from SAGA Press!

Learn more about the novel below, and check out the full cover by artist Marko Manev and designer Michael McCartney.

From Max Gladstone:

I’m in love with this mammoth, brilliant, ass-kicking cover. It promises adventure, excitement, fun, character, drama, and kinetic action—everything that keeps people coming back to Bookburners. And those silhouettes! As a writer, no part of the production process gives me quite so much joy as seeing a characters’ personality shine through a cover—and I love that this work is so vivid the artist only needed a shadow.

From Molly Barton, Serial Box Co-Founder:

At Serial Box we publish e- and audio serials, but we still love print with a passion! Having SAGAbring Bookburners into paper, bricks, and mortar is a dream come true and allows us to experience the exciting milestones of print publishing. Getting a look at the final cover is one such moment and we could not have been more thrilled with Marko Manev’s work. At Serial Box we think a LOT about what will pop off people’s screen’s and make them click—this cover pops off the shelf so much that we’re itching to grab it.


Bookburners publishes January 2017. From the catalog description:

Magic is real, and hungry. It’s trapped in ancient texts and artifacts, and only a few who discover it survive to fight back. Detective Sal Brooks is a survivor. She joins a Vatican-backed black-ops anti-magic squad—Team Three of the Societas Librorum Occultorum—and together they stand between humanity and the magical apocalypse. Some call them the Bookburners. They don’t like the label.

Supernatural meets The Da Vinci Code in a fast-paced, kickass character driven novel chock-full of magic, mystery, and mayhem, written collaboratively by a team of some of the best writers working in fantasy.


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