Stranger Things Cupcakes Will Transport You to a New Realm of Deliciousness

Stranger Things has already inspired a lot of memes and mashups over its short life, but now we’re moving into a delicious new area: Stranger Things cupcakes. Redditor youdevillog has created themed cupcakes in honor of several of the characters (and also for stamina) and they’re all spot-on, from a coffee-and-Schlitz concoction for Police Chief Hopper, to a strawberry cupcake in honor of Barb’s perfect hair.

Joyce’s Christmas Light Cupcakes!

Stranger Things Joyce Cupcake

Eleven’s Mini-Eggo Cupcakes!

Stranger Thing Eleven Cupcake

Dustin’s Cupcake is full of chocolate pudding, and would provide a welcome burst of energy during a long D&D campaign! Also, note the Han-Solo-Frozen-in-Carbonite flair:

Stranger Things Dustin Cupcake

And in case it wasn’t clear earlier: Chief Hoppers Cupcakes are made out of coffee and Schlitz:

Stranger Things Hopper Cupcakes

Plus they look like they’ve been garnished with cigarettes.

Check out the rest of the cupcakes over at That’s Nerdalicious, and get baking! At least until the monster finds you, or a mysterious government organization shows up to harness your powers.



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