No Planet-Sized Library is Complete without these Classic Doctor Who Paperbacks!

I’m pretty excited about the resurgence of retro book and VHS covers for my favorite genre properties; the use of a retro cover for the new paperback of American Gods evokes a bygone pulp era of painted covers, and this fan-made VHS cover for Stranger Things adds an extra layer of meta-nostalgia to a work that already trades on its connection to ’80s horror.

But we may have reached a high point in the trend: Doctor Who episodes reimagined as classic paperbacks, complete with a Doctor Who version of the Penguin logo. Designed by Sean Coleman of Coleman Designs, these covers honor both Classic and New Who, and tend to illustrate particular scenes or motifs. Check out some more below!

I especially love the way some covers appear to be stand-alone sci-fi paperbacks, while others are clearly the novelizations of episodes. Silence in the Library, for instance, gets two covers, the one above for Moffat’s original text, and the imagined teleplay adaptation below:



The 1965 film Dr. Who and the Daleks isn’t exactly canonical, but I love the abstract imagery used to create a spooky and nonetheless evocative cover:



Really enamored with this Escher-esque repeating pattern for Spearhead from Space—the Autons never seemed more menacing!



Kind of literal, kind of space age, excellent shade of red for Mars… this one is perfect:

The Waters of Mars


This one, inspired by a 1977 Doctor Who documentary, is just adorable:

Whose Doctor Who



Android Invasion


And of course a creepy entry for new classic “Blink.” Wait, didn’t anyone tell them that the image of an angel is itself an angel? Oh great, now we have to stare at this cover for all eternity…


You can see more covers over at Dangerous Minds!


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