Who wants to go to space? If your hand just shot involuntarily into the air, straining toward the heavens you long to explore, you might want to check out the greatest Craigslist ad in the history of Craigs, lists, and ads.

This lovely Park Slope-based rocket man is selling his MINT condition spaceship, certified “Official” by NASA itself, and it could be yours for a mere $5,000,000. Apparently the current owner has also updated the stereo system (he describes it as “SICK”), replaced the rocket boosters, and even left some rocket fuel in the tank to get you started. And as if all that wasn’t enough, it has cupholders! CUPHOLDERS.

If you decide to live your dream of space travel, might we make a suggestion? Slap some red paint on that sucker and it’s going to look like a certain Greatest Rocket of All Time.

…Just a suggestion.


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