Batman Breaks Out the L-Word in This Hilarious Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Mashup

Usually when you see as incongruous of a mashup as Edgar Wright’s zippy, snarky Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Christopher Nolan’s grimdark take on the Dark Knight, it’s the dialogue of one being dubbed into the other. But in the case of this excellent video, YouTuber Inventor Headquarters manages to scrounge together every little scrap of levity from Nolan’s trilogy, set it to Sex Bob-Omb’s music, and get you thinking about death and getting sad and stuff.

“People need dramatic examples to shake them out of apathy,” Bruce Wayne said in Batman Begins, but with this soundtrack, it comes out sounding more like hapless Scott Pilgrim learning to fight all of the League of Evil Exes—in this case, the Rogues Gallery. I’d consider this dramatic enough, insofar as it brings out the kind of laughter I usually reserve for Batman ’66. Watch for yourself:

I don’t know if I had forgotten how much of a parody Christian Bale’s gravel-voiced Batman is, or if it just sounds funnier with all the visual effects.

via io9/Gizmodo


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