The Spiderlight Party Rolls Up a Character Sheet!

Adrian Tchaikovsky’s Spiderlight is a love letter: to adventures, to noble quests, to tabletop RPGs, to spiders. He uses the book both to deconstruct the classic epic fantasy quest, and also to honor its legacy. When a band of misfits has to fulfill a prophecy, they must put aside their many differences to face the Dark Lord Darvezian, and attempt to vanquish the Darkness itself, which sound like a classic quest story, until you learn that one of the party members is a reluctantly bipedal spider who, until recently, would have eaten the rest of his party, the party’s Wizard might be a little bit of a pyromaniac, and their Ranger likes the rest of the party only marginally more than the Spider does… it gets a little confusing.

Luckily for us, Tchaikovsky has given us a stat sheet for Spiderlight’s intrepid adventurers! Check out the full sheet below.

Spiderlight Stats Sheet Full

You’ve got to love a Ranger who lists “Absolution” as one of his Likes, and lists… pretty much everything else under Dislikes. Spiderlight is out now, and you can read an excerpt featuring Nth the Spider right here on

[via Shadows of the Apt!]


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