Stranger Things — Coming Soon to Videocassette?

Instagrammer Steelberg gives recent horror and other SFF flicks the throwback treatment, repackaging them with glorious retro VHS covers to fit seamlessly between your worn out copies of The Hills Have Eyes and Poltergeist. Not surprisingly, Steelberg has added Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things to the set! The series itself pays homage to pulp paperbacks of the ’80s (complete with a glossy title font and “chapters” in lieu of episodes), and Steelberg’s version pumps up the neon colors and adds extra detailing—like the Goonies-style lettering and the torn video rental stickers—to really complete the retro look. My only quibble: I doubt all 8 hours of season one would fit on a single videocassette tape…

Check out Steelberg’s Instagram for more great VHS mock-ups. And if you’re looking for more on Stranger Things, look no further than Alasdair Stuart’s non-spoiler review of the series!


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