9-Year-Old Fan Writes Letter to Alan Moore Calling Him “Best Author in Human History”

Pleasing fans can be a trying task for any writer, but not if you’re Alan Moore and said fan is a precocious young man named Joshua.

Letters of Note recently published a letter sent to Moore back in 2013 by an excited fan. The boy’s name was Joshua, and in addition to displaying some sweet drawing skills (and some legit cursive), he asked Moore the most important question of all: “how did you make such wonderful things?”

Check out the letter below:

Joshua's letter to Alan Moore

This was all part of a school assignment, but Joshua’s father explained that though his two sons had both been given this assignment twice over the years, their efforts only ever received form letters back in response.

Then Alan Moore replied to Joshua with over 1000 thoughtful words (he apologizes for his reply being “a bit short”), a book, and some very special artwork from an upcoming project that hadn’t yet been published. Here is an excerpt:

I’m really pleased that you’ve enjoyed so much of my stuff, and especially because most of my readers these days are people almost as old as I am. Of course, I appreciate my audience however old they are, but it’s particularly gratifying to think that I’ve got intelligent and adventurous readers of your own age out there. It’s the kind of thing, when I’m taking my vitamin pills and swilling them down with Lemsip, that makes me feel like I’m still ‘down with the kids’.

But perhaps the best part of the letter was his sign-off:

All the best, your pal —

[Signed ‘Alan Moore’]

(Best Author in Human History. In your face, Shakespeare, Joyce and Cervantes!)
Pretty sure that makes this just about the cutest reply one could hope to get from a beloved author.
To read the rest of Alan Moore’s letter, head over to Letters of Note!


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