Can Charlie Stross, Seanan McGuire, and John Scalzi Save Us From a World Where Tea is Bad?

Anyone up for a Tor Author Voltron? Twitter-user Dan Bailey suggested that Charlie Stross (author of The Laundry Files and The Merchant Prince series) and John Scalzi (of Redshirts, Lock In, and Old Man’s War fame) should join forces for a work of epic SFF proportions. As these things often do, the idea quickly expanded, with more fans chiming in story ideas, and a third author being pulled into the fray…

Charlie Stross refused the call to adventure, saying, and we quote:

Charlie Stross on Twitter

But intrepid fans had other ideas! Perhaps, as per Peter Dresslar, we could get Old Man’s Laundry? Hmmm…but that isn’t really all that appealing. How about James Osborne’s haunting phrase, Squamous Burrito? But Sean Eric Fagan had an even better plan:

Seanan McGuire on Twitter

This settled Stross, who thinks the plan could work! But just as we all start imagining what sorts of tea-based shenanigians the story took a turn:

Scalzi on Twitter

So close! But alas, John Scalzi is choosing to be a responsible author and finish his current projects rather than creating some sort of Eldritch Tea Leaf Horror with Stross and McGuire. In the meantime, we can all drink in the latest title in the Laundry Files, The Delirium Brief, Seanan McGuire’s Dusk or Dark or Dawn or Day will be out early next year, and We’ll be sure to alert all of you if the three decide to collaborate in the future.

[via Twitter!]


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