Everything Happening Next Season in the DC Television Universe!

The DC TV panel is underway! For three hours, the casts of SupergirlLegends of TomorrowThe Flash, and Arrow are talking next season’s new heroes (and villains), plus the four-way crossover coming this year. That’s a lot of superheroes on one network (The CW), and in one room at San Diego Comic-Con. Read through for updates on each show!

Supergirl SDCC 2016 season 2 panel


  • No new footage, alas, as season 2 doesn’t start production until next week. But The CW did put out a cute sizzle reel of Supergirl season 1 that also tied the four series together as a lead-up to the crossover:

  • Season 2 will see a bevy of new characters, including Chris Wood (ContainmentThe Vampire Diaries) as whoever was in the pod that Kara discovered in the last shot of the finale.
  • New Superman Tyler Hoechlin dropped by the panel as a surprise guest. Despite assurances that the show will still focus on Supergirl, the excitement for a TV Superman seemed overwhelming.
  • “Big things are happening,” executive producer Sarah Schechter teased when asked about Lynda Carter’s role as the President. “Big things have to happen to get Superman and Supergirl together.”
  • But that doesn’t mean it’ll be all fun and cheeky IM conversations: “Clark has a very different experience of what it means to have superpowers on Earth,” Schechter said. “There’s some real head-butting and philosophical approaches that are different. We’ll get into all that.”
  • When he’s not having tension with his cousin, Clark will also get “bro time” with his buddy James Olsen.
  • And Winn will have a chance to reach his full potential… perhaps at the DEO? That part is a joke, but still.
  • We’ll also get to see Alex outside of the DEO, exploring her personal life and such. “Where does she live?” Chyler Leigh joked. “I don’t even know.”
  • Hoechlin has not yet tried on the Superman costume, but he did do the spit curl pretty well.
  • One of season 2’s new characters will be detective Maggie Sawyer, yet another “strong, badass lady.” She’ll be working with the National City Police Department, with a special interest in investigating superhero activities. Whether Kate Kane’s Batwoman will join her has yet to be confirmed.

Legends of Tomorrow

  • 2×02 will introduce the Justice Society of America, whose existence was teased in the season 1 finale. And the panel confirmed which members will be showing up: Doctor Mid-Nite, Stargirl, Obsidian, Citizen Commander Steel, and Vixen! Commander Steel and Vixen will be regulars.
  • But balancing out the JSA will be the Legion of Doom, cherry-picking villains from Arrow and The Flash: Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman), Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough), Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash (Matt Letscher), and Leonard Snart/Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller). Darhk will show up in 1942.
  • Legends of Tomorrow‘s sizzle reel included some clips from season 2:

  • Jonah Hex will show up in 2×06.

The Flash

  • Flashpoint! Feast your eyes on the season 3 trailer:

  • In Flashpoint, Barry’s parents may be alive, but Iris hardly knows who he is, Cisco is a millionaire (and also wary of Barry), and Reverse-Flash is trapped in a cage and taunting Barry with “Who’s the villain now, Flash?” Not to mention hints of Doctor Alchemy and the first look at Kid Flash.
  • You know who else is showing up? Felicity Smoak! She’ll be in 3×02, “giving [Barry] advice.”


  • Arrow‘s 100th episode will be the four-way crossover among the series. In fact, it’s a three-parter, with Arrow in the middle.
  • Season 5 sees Oliver putting together a team of young vigilantes:

Cast portraits via TV Line’s @ShutterstockNow photo studio at SDCC


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