Black Panther Movie Adds Full Cast of Warriors

Marvel Studios released a tidal wave of new information about its upcoming Phase 3 films, kicking off with some exciting casting announcements for 2018’s Black Panther.

Danai Gurira, best known as Michonne from The Walking Dead, has joined the cast as Okoye, the head of the Dora Milaje. Lupita Nyong’o was also confirmed as Okoye’s protege Nakia.

In the comics lore, the Okoye are warrior bodyguards for their country’s chosen Black Panther:

An ancient tribal tradition, the Dora Milaje were assembled as potential queens for an unmarried king, maintaining the peace in Wakanda by ensuring that every tribe has the opportunity to put forward one of their daughters for the crown.

Marvel movie fans got a brief experience with the Dora Milaje in Captain America: Civil War, when an unnamed woman accompanying T’Challa requested in no uncertain times that Black Widow move out of her king’s way. Sounds like we’ll definitely be seeing what happens when someone is unwise enough to challenge the Dora Milaje’s wishes…

It was also announced that Michael B. Jordan will join the cast as Erik Killmonger, having just escaped the collapse of Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot.


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