Danny’s Home in the First Teaser for Marvel’s Iron Fist

Marvel and Netflix are really showing off their Defenders at San Diego Comic-Con: In addition to the first trailer for Luke Cage and a teaser hinting at how the eponymous foursome will come together, they also released a teaser for Iron Fist. This one gives us less information than Luke Cage, though it shows us a fair bit of Danny Rand’s comic-book background, from K’un-Lun to New York City.

A plane crash, a fallen iPod, two monks taking a lost boy under their wing… Looks like the start of an origin story. The casting of Finn Jones incited controversy, as fans wondered why Marvel and Netflix missed the opportunity to cast an Asian-American actor in the role. While you glimpse Jones in this trailer—punching out an entire wall, writhing in hospital restraints—future trailers will give us a better idea of his take on the character.

Iron Fist is set to premiere sometime in 2017.

via Vulture


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