Prepare to Worship the New Poster for American Gods

While we’re waiting for an official American Gods trailer, feast your eyes on the new poster that Starz released. This beauty has been showing up all over various San Diego Comic-Con Twitter accounts, likely for how well it combines the different aspects of Neil Gaiman’s novel, as interpreted through Bryan Fuller’s brain.

You are what you worship the poster proclaims, and it’s not wrong:

American Gods San Diego Comic-Con 2016 SDCC poster Starz you are what you worship

Executive producer Michael Green told Deadline about adapting the novel:

One of the reasons we were so excited to adapt it is it hits on a lot of themes that people have passions about and that, a lot of times, shows tend to shy away from—not the least of which, religion, which few enough shows tackle head on, and the immigrant stories of just people come with their faiths, with their traditions, with their myths, with their beliefs, with their idiosyncrasies and then have to negotiate those against this new world they find themselves in that they came to largely on purpose and with different dreams and aspirations.

We are very fortunate in that the book lends itself to talking about those things, because we get into this idea of new gods, which is what are the things we worship now whether passively or unintentionally? And wherever you put your passions, wherever you put your time and attention, is a form of worship, whether it’s technology, whether it’s media, and these things that Neil really apotheosized in his book.

American Gods will premiere on Starz sometime in 2017.


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