See the Ash vs. Evil Dead: Season Two Trailer That’s Too Bloody for Comic-Con

Poor Ash. The guy tries to take an early retirement in Jacksonville, where he can spend his remaining years with kegs and bikinied young people, and then the Deadites have to come along and ruin everything, and then San Diego Comic-Con bans his trailer! Apparently SDCC thought this gory, bloody, decapitation-heavy Ash vs Evil Dead: Season Two clip would be a bit much for the younger Comic-Con attendees, but we’re happy to show it here!

Just be warned, it’s super gross, and probably NSFW, unless you work somewhere incredibly cool.

It’s so gratuitous. I love it so much. Season Two will feature the return of Lucy Lawless as Ruby, Ray Santiago as Pablo, and Dana DeLorenzo as Kelly, with Ted Raimi joining the cast as a childhood friend of Ash’s, and Lee freaking Majors as Ash’s dad. The show will come back to Starz starting next October.

[via /film!]



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