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Announcing Mapping the Interior by Stephen Graham Jones

Tor.com Publishing is proud to announce that Ellen Datlow has acquired an original novella from Stephen Graham Jones. Mapping the Interior is the story of a fifteen-year-old who awakens in the middle of the night to see someone stepping through a doorway. It’s not his mother, his little brother, or his dead father, he thinks. In following the intruder he finds that his family home is bigger and deeper than he imagined. This year Stephen Graham Jones is nominated for a World Fantasy Special Award — Professional, and has been nominated for numerous horror awards in the past. Tor.com is proud to have him on board.

Stephen Graham Jones had this to say:

Mapping the Interior takes Socrates’ question of it’s better to be a dissatisfied person or a satisfied pig and flips it over on its belly. It’s got elements of The Lathe of Heaven, House of Leaves, and some Philip K. Dick and Dan Simmons, too.

Ellen Datlow had this to say:

Stephen Graham Jones’s writing is dark. It cuts to the bone and he rarely shows mercy to his characters. I’ve enjoyed reading Stephen’s fiction for several years and am always thrilled to receive a new story by him for Tor.com or one of my anthologies. I’m especially pleased to have commissioned Mapping the Interior.

Look for Mapping the Interior to come your way in mid-2017.


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