American Gods‘ Bilquis and The Technical Boy Look Perfect

The good people behind American Gods continue to tease us with lovely images! In the last two weeks they released shots of The Technical Boy and Bilquis. Those of you who have read the novel probably remember the first moment you met Bilquis. Those of you who haven’t…well, we don’t want to spoil anything for you. Bilquis is a modern version of the Queen of Sheba, one of the old guard of ancient gods that battles the new gods like the aforementioned Technical Boy and Media, (played by Gillian Anderson!!!) for the hearts and minds of the American populace.

Here’s a larger shot of lovely Bilquis:


…best not to ask what’s under that sheet. Now, at the other end of the deity spectrum, here’s the Technical Boy!

Technical Boy

EW premiered that image, along with a conversation with showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green. Notice how he’s kind of… blurry? Yeah, he’s probably just moving too fast for you to see clearly. While the Technical Boy’s original 2001 incarnation will obviously need to be updated for 2017, Green highlighted just how up-to-the-minute the character will be:

Technology has gone from something that was the province of the young to something ubiquitous and in your pocket, and the aesthetics of that have changed… Technology very much has a tie into fashion, which goes in cycles and changes overnight. What’s in fashion, technologically, and what’s in fashion, in fashion, are minute to minute and you can’t possibly keep up. And we look to the Technical Boy to be someone who’s very much a victim of both. The idea of feeling like you have to feed the beast of what’s new and what’s fresh is very much in his mind.

We are so looking forward to these costume changes! Read the full interview over at EW, and check out more thoughts on Bilquis over at Nerdist!





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