Samuel L. Jackson Says Mace Windu is Alive, George Lucas Could Not Dispute the Fact

When Samuel L. Jackson did an IMDb Q&A a few days back, a curious fan wanted an answer to the question that we’ve all wondered at some point since 2005–who thought it was a good idea to kill off Mace Windu, Jedi Master Badass in Residence?

Jackson had his own ideas about Windu’s whereabouts.

While he did explain that (of course) George Lucas made the decision to kill Windu off as the last important demise before Vader’s rise, he also admitted that he never accepted the scenario–“In my mind, I’m not dead. Jedis can fall incredibly high distances and not die.”

When questioned further by Entertainment Weekly Radio, he suggested that Mace would have laid low like Yoda and Obi-Wan, and that he’s still out there somewhere. He admitted to telling this theory to George Lucas himself, and while Lucas is no longer in charge of the franchise, he was reportedly fine with that interpretation:  “George is like, ‘I’m okay with that. You can be alive.’”

Sure, nothing about that is official, but I would never say no to Mace Windu popping up somewhere else in the Star Wars universe. Put him in the comics, or on Rebels, in Episode IX–maybe he’s hiding in a cave near the first Jedi temple where Luke is hanging out. Maybe they know each other and swap the best berry-picking places on that little island. Maybe Mace was in Maz Kanata’s cantina THE WHOLE TIME. Or maybe he’s a local hero on some backwater world, protecting the citizens from First Order encroachment.

One thing’s for sure, he’s just glad that he didn’t volunteer to deal with Anakin’s kids down the line. Yoda’s better with that detail anyhow, and it meant no more Skywalker whining for him.

via Entertainment Weekly and The Mary Sue


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