New Star Trek Beyond Trailer is All About the Feels and Rihanna

The new (and likely final) Star Trek Beyond trailer features an exclusive Rihanna song and a lot of emotions. Everyone is having feelings. Including Spock.

Check out the fancy song-trailer below:

The trailer is mostly footage that we’ve seen before, with a few extra establishing shots of the Enterprise clearly being blown apart. We get a better look at the ship that Sulu is flying at a different point, and it’s vaguely similar to the Enterprise NX-01 (perhaps it’s an older ship of a closer model?) Spock and McCoy are also cuddling hanging out for a change, which only raises my personal estimation on the film overall.

Also, for those who are tired of the terms “NuTrek” and “Abramsverse,” we finally have an official name for this alternate universe from CBS. It seems as though it will now be referred to as the “Kelvin Timeline,” after the ship that was destroyed when Nero came through the black hole from Prime Universe (the very same ship that Kirk’s father died on). You can check out the post detailing the new term on Trek Core, if you’re curious.


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