Announcing Brandon Sanderson’s Arcanum Unbounded, Coming November 2016

Tor Books has revealed the cover to Brandon Sanderson’s Arcanum Unbounded, a new story collection featuring stories from the author’s Cosmere universe, including tales from Mistborn, Stormlight Archive, Elantris, and more!

Arcanum Unbounded will release on November 8 and feature “Edgedancer,” a brand new novella set in the Stormlight Archive world. The full table of contents is as follows:

  • “The Hope of Elantris” (Elantris)
  • “The Eleventh Metal” (Mistborn)
  • “The Emperor’s Soul” (Elantris)
  • “Allomancer Jak and the Pits of Eltania, Episodes 28 through 30” (Mistborn)
  • “Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell” (Threnody)
  • “Sixth of Dusk” (First of the Sun)
  • “Mistborn: Secret History” (Mistborn)
  • “Edgedancer” (Stormlight Archive)

Check out the full cover below:

Arcanum Unbounded Brandon Sanderson cover


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