Celebrate Summer with Sadako!

You may have heard that Sadako, the single most terrifying movie monster in history, will be facing off with her rival, The Grudge‘s Kayako in a film titled Sadako vs. Kayako. (We’re not sure when it’s coming to the States, but if you happen to be in Japan, it’ll be in theaters this weekend.) In a genuinely wonderful ad campaign, we’ve gotten to see the two horror queens in happier circumstances: first, Kayako started an Instagram account, and now Sadako has gone on what looks like the best date ever! Luckily for us, her companion posted a lot of great shots from their day out, so we can live vicariously through them….for about a week, after which we assume Sadako will come crawling through all of our monitors and frighten us to death.

Obviously, an amusement park is a perfect place for a summer date. Especially since the other park-goers will scatter when they see Sadako, leaving all the rides blissfully empty.

Sadako flashes a peace sign

It’s always nice to sit outside and grab a coffee on a bright summer day.

Sadako at the cafe

Is…is Sadako coming in for a boop?

Sadako Boop

And is anything better than a nostalgic spin on a carousel?

Sadako on a carousel horse

Wait, yes, there is something better: Sadako found a panda car! A panda car.

Sadako on a Panda

You can see more of this fabulous day with Sadako here! It’s really great to see her out in the sunshine—we always assumed she’d want to stay in and watch TV on a date.

[via Kotaku!]


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