Check Out a God-like Bar Fight in These First Images from American Gods!

It seems each week brings more hallelujah-inducing American Gods casting news, and now we have our first look at the cast in action! Well, a few of them anyway. Entertainment Weekly shared this image of Shadow (Ricky Whittle) and Mad Sweeney (Pablo Schreiber) having a tiff in Jack’s Crocodile Bar, as Ian McShane’s Mr. Wednesday looks on! (Also, note those fabulous crocodile head barstools.) This is an early scene in the novel, in which Shadow has to prove himself a worthy bodyguard for Wednesday…by fighting a drunk leprechaun. We have another shot below, along with deep thoughts from showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green.

American Gods takes place in a U.S. that is both outsized and decaying. As the gods’s followers age and become more Americanized, once iconic deities find their power waning. At the same time, the new gods of Technology and Media begin to rise and steal more and more worshipers. Obviously, it’s early to call this, but these first shots seem to capture that feeling pretty well – the bar is grandiose and absurd simultaneously, and Wednesday’s dapper outfit is a fun contrast with the other bar patrons’ far more casual attire.

Mr. Wednesdy in American Gods

It’s not quite one of Hannibal’s exquisite suits, but it’s pretty striking none the less. And, wait… did Wednesday coordinate with the crocodile heads? Because that’s a pretty good match.

Both of the showrunners spoke about what American Gods means to them, which has just confirmed that these are the right people for the job. Fuller said: “Neil created this wonderfully stuffed toy box filled with all sorts of cultural points of view on how American operates as a system, and that was so fascinating and mythological in and of itself” while Michael Green dug into the heart of Gaiman’s project, saying, “It’s really much more of an immigration story than it is a god story. One of the biggest challenges was stripping the idea of gods as X-Men or giant empowered creatures who stomp on cities and throw the oceans. We wanted them to be people with problems. It’s not about lightning bolts – it’s about the question of day-to-day survival.”

American Gods comes to Starz sometime in 2017. Check out more of Fuller and Green’s thoughts on the show over at EW, and once again, say it with us now: CANNOT WAIT!

[via io9/Gizmodo!]


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